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Welcome to Ostertalbahn

and the working group Ostertalbahn

Dear visitors,
the museum train of the Ostertalbahn is running on the 21km long branch line between Ottweiler (Saar) and Schwarzerden. In restored locomotives and wagons you can experience the atmosphere of the 50s again. The train can also be rent for special occasions such as birthdays or company trips. From the different stops along the line you can start interesting hikes and trips to the region.



Pleaso notice, that only a very small part of this web page is translated into English!

Full information can be found in the German version. The link can also be found at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for your understanding.

Visiting Us

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Operation Days and Timetable

Take a look at the timetable and the operation days of our museum train.

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Track and Region

Information about the track, points of interest and the region.

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You are looking for a present? We create your custom voucher for a trip with our museum train.

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Check out how to find our stations and where to find parking spaces.


Please see our dedicated page for information about the consequences of the Corona pandemic for our museum trains and other cancelled events.

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You want to get more information about Ostertalbahn or contact us? Then the following is right for you:


Bald soll es wieder losgehen!

Die ersten Planungen für einen Saisonstart haben begonnen.

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Wir suchen neue Mitglieder

Die Ostertalbahn braucht weitere engagierte Leute und Nachwuchs, denen der Erhalt der Strecke am Herzen liegt!

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Hauptuntersuchung Wagen 217

Im Rahmen der HU von Wagen 217 sind einige Arbeiten zu erledigen.

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Aufarbeitung Getränkewagen

Auch unser Getränkelagerwagen wird optisch endlich wieder aufgearbeitet.

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Gastlok verlässt Ostertal

Die seit mehreren Jahren in Schwarzerden abgestellte V100 Ost wurde abgefahren.

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Keine Saisoneröffnung an Ostern

Aufgrund der anhaltenden Corona-Pandemie muss auch dieses Jahr unser Saisonstart verschoben werden.

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Veränderungen im Fahrzeugpark

Am 19. Januar erreichte uns ein neuer Güterwagen der Bauart Tbis. Er wird gegen den bisherigen Tbis der Ostertalbahn getauscht.

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Vandalismusschäden an Lokomotive

Informationen zu Sachbeschädigungen im Bahnhof Schwarzerden.

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About us

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The club AkO

You want to join our club? Or simply want to get more information about the working group Ostertalbahn operating the museum railway?

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Do you want to help shaping the railway? Railways have many different facets. Take a look at what we are doing …

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About the club life

Here you can find an overview of different projects we worked on and are currently working on. No matter whether the vehicles, the track or something else.

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We are offering different vehicles or objects for sale. Maybe we have what you are looking for.