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Information regarding the Corona-Pandemic

Starting from 22nd August we offer our regular museum trains again. Please find the information about the protective measures and other regulations below.

The following changes apply to our special trains and events:

  • Saint Nicolaus trains (Nikolauszüge) in the time of Advent take place, though their number is limited. More information on our dedicated page.
  • The special train with wine tasting in November must be cancelled.
  • The station festival 2020 will be moved to 2022. Then we celebrate 85 years Ostertalbahn.

Please note that in case the situation gets worse again we might have to cancel trains or impose further restrictions. Even in the case of a further losening of the regulations there might still be restrictions.

We ask you to follow all of these rules such that we can welcome you in our trains again and can operate them in a save way.

Updated on 12th October 2021 (See also the German version of this information for any updates)

    Start of the Museum Trains

    Since August on we offer our regular museums trains. They are only possible under the following rules:

    • You must contact the office (Geschäftsstelle) in advance and book seats if you want to join for a trip.
    • If there are not enough reservations, we have to cancel the trip, as we cannot run the train not cost-covering.
    • We have to collect your personal data, for contact tracing in case of an reported infection. This data will be deleted after one month.
    • You need to tell us where you want to start and end your trip.
      In case of a different station than Ottweiler or Schwarzerden, please contact our office.
    • You must satisfy the 3G-rules to join for a trip (fully vaccinated, recovered, recently tested negative) and provide a valid certificate of this. Kids under the age of 6 and pupils who are tested regularly in school are exempted from this rule.
    • Please desinfect your hands before entering the train.
    • Before entering the train you must talk to our staff.
    • Drinks can already be bought before the train starts.
    • Wearing a mask is not mandatory.
    • Keeping a distance of 1.5m is not mandatory.

    Please always follow these and the current legal regulations! Only then it is possible to run the museum trains savely and to have a nice time!


    Here you can find the hygiene concept with all regulations (only in German).

    If you have further questions or want to book a seat, please do not hesitate to contact our office (Geschäftsstelle).


    Updated on 1st October 2021 (Please see also the German version. Only the German version is binding with regard to the hygiene regulations!)

    Fairness for Vouchers

    Because of the very special situation, we offer the following fairness regulations for our vouchers:

    • All vouchers valid for 2020 will also be valid for 2021.
    • This holds in particular also for the calendar-vouchers for 2020. These vouchers will also be valid in 2021 for the regular museums trains.


    Effective: 17 April 2020 (See also the German version of this information for any updates)