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Informations regarding the Corona-Pandemic

In September and October we start with the regular musesum trains. Further information, especially about the hygiene regulations can be found below.

Although we want to start with the regular trains, there are still cancellations and other restrictions:

  • The ELF-courses in September are also cancelled. We contacted the participants already.
  • The station festival on 15th and 16th of August will be moved to 2020. Then we celebrate 85 years Ostertalbahn.
  • The special train with the wine tasting in November has to be cancelled.
  • We have not decided yet if at all and how the Saint Nicholas trains could happen this year. We inform you at this place as soon as we have decided.

Please note that if the situation is getting worse again, we will have to take measure that can involve cancellation of trains and/or other restrictions. Also if there are further relaxations of the current restrictions, our service can still be limited and restricted.


Please help us by following the regulations so that we all can see each other soon again in our trains and have a save journey.


Updated on 3rd September 2020 (See also the German version of this information for any updates)

    Fairness for Vouchers

    Because of the very special situation, we offer the following fairness regulations for our vouchers:

    • All vouchers valid for 2020 will also be valid for 2021.
    • This holds in particular also for the calendar-vouchers for 2020. These vouchers will also be valid in 2021 for the regular museums trains.


    Effective: 17 April 2020 (See also the German version of this information for any updates)